CellPrint Biotechnology, LLC (CellPrint) has developed and patented a powerful technology (CellPrint™) that the company is commercializing in order to advance the discovery and development of novel drug therapies.

CellPrint™ provides ultra-sensitive detection and precise quantification of cell-specific molecular expression that sets it apart from other available approaches. Using this technology, CellPrint is discovering important insights about pathogenesis and potential targets for therapeutic intervention. The company believes that its technology and insights can be transformational to drug development and it aims to partner with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the design and execution of customized studies that apply CellPrint™ to drug discovery, preclinical assessments, clinical trials, and companion diagnostics.

Alzheimer’s disease, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, cancer, cardiovascular disease, cellular transplantation, infectious diseases, psychiatric disorders, and stroke are all therapeutic areas where the company could make important contributions. However, CellPrint views the use of its technology in the multiple sclerosis and cancer therapeutic areas as having the highest potential to achieve the company’s three success criteria: improve patient care, achieve near-term market success, and create value for CellPrint investors.