Multiple Sclerosis

In multiple sclerosis (MS), CellPrint scientists have used CellPrint™ to discover previously unknown patterns of molecular expression in circulating immune cells that distinguish MS patients from healthy controls. Additionally, molecular expression analysis with CellPrint™ technology clearly delineated two forms of MS: remitting-relapsing and secondary progressive. Most remarkably, specific molecular expression patterns identified using CellPrint™ predicted the patients’ clinical status at the time of blood donation, as well as the number of relapses reported over the subsequent six months of clinical follow-up.

This investigation revealed unique biomarkers of MS pathogenesis and the identity of the predictive molecules points to novel targets for therapeutic intervention. Moreover, the technology’s exceptional sensitivity, precision and reproducibility allowed a rapid, statistically valid investigation while using an exceptionally small number of clinical samples. The company views these results as important for the potential discovery and development of MS therapies but also demonstrative of the transformative impact that CellPrint™ may have on drug discovery and development in other therapeutic areas.