CellPrint Biotechnology Recognized as an Awardee in Johnson & Johnson Innovation QuickFire Challenge

Cleveland, OH January 7, 2022 ⎯ CellPrint Biotechnology announced today that it has been named an awardee in the Improving Detection of AL Amyloidosis QuickFire Challenge, which includes grant funding from Johnson & Johnson Innovation and Janssen Global Services to investigate a new approach for the early diagnosis of AL Amyloidosis. The award highlights the scientific leadership and innovative technology platform that CellPrint brings to medicine and pharmaceutical development.

Each year in the United States, an estimated 4,500 new patients are diagnosed with AL amyloidosis, a life-threatening blood cell disorder. The disorder frequently presents with nonspecific symptoms that can mimic other, more common conditions (1). Diagnosis of AL amyloidosis is often delayed, and as many as 30 percent of patients with AL amyloidosis die within the first year after diagnosis (2). Early diagnosis can improve the survival rate by helping patients obtain appropriate treatments (3).

Early diagnosis of AL Amyloidosis is an unmet medical need of the utmost importance” said David Kaplan, MD, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of CellPrint Biotechnology. “We believe CellPrint’s scientists and technology are positioned for a breakthrough”.

CellPrint will utilize the awarded grant funding to study immune cells from the blood of patients and healthy volunteers. CellPrint will aim to apply its proprietary approach to potentially identify differences in patterns of molecular expression that distinguish AL amyloidosis patients from people without the disorder.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation announced the award on its website. A related video was featured by Janssen Scientific Affairs at the 2021 American Society of Hematology annual meeting.

(1) Lousada I, Comenzo RL, Landau H, et al. Light chain amyloidosis: patient experience survey from the Amyloidosis Research Consortium. Advances in Therapy. 2015;32(10):920-928.  (2) Merlini G, et al. Light chain amyloidosis: the heart of the problem. Haematologica. 2013;98(10):1492-1495.  (3) Palladini G, Milani P, Merlini, G. Management of AL amyloidosis in 2020. Blood. 2020;136 (23):2620-2627.

CellPrint Biotechnology Announces a Collaborative Research Agreement with Partner Therapeutics

Cleveland, OH February 25, 2021 ⎯ CellPrint Biotechnology, LLC (CellPrint), announces an agreement with Lexington, MA based Partner Therapeutics, Inc. (PTx) to collaborate in pharmaceutical research. “We are excited to work with Partner Therapeutics given their commitment to improving health outcomes for patients with serious diseases. Our CellPrint™ technology platform will be applied to advance PTx’s strategic objectives” said Randolph Floyd, CEO of CellPrint.


CellPrint is a boutique biotechnology company focused on advancing pharmaceutical research and development using its proprietary CellPrintTM technology platform. The company partners with leading biopharmaceutical companies to accelerate and strengthen their capability to discover and develop important medicines. Visit

PTx is an integrated biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of late-stage therapeutics that improve health outcomes in the treatment of cancer and other serious diseases. The company believes in delivering products and supporting medical teams with the purpose of achieving superior outcomes for patients and their families. Visit

CellPrint Biotechnology Signs Agreement to Support Neurosciences Clinical Trial

Cleveland, OH March 26, 2020 ⎯ CellPrint Biotechnology, LLC (CellPrint), announces an agreement with a global pharmaceutical company to support its neuro-psychiatric drug development effort. Per the terms of the agreement, the name of the pharmaceutical company and other details of the project are confidential. David Kaplan, MD, PhD, CellPrint’s CSO stated “Results from earlier studies applying CellPrint™ in the neurosciences therapeutic area have suggested that our technology platform can be used to diagnose patients, predict clinical outcomes, and predict patients’ responsiveness to drug therapy. We are excited to support this effort aimed developing better therapeutic options for psychiatric patients”.

CellPrint Biotechnology Initiates Study with Major Biopharmaceutical Company

Cleveland, OH October 6, 2017 ⎯ CellPrint Biotechnology, LLC (CellPrint), announces an agreement with a major biopharmaceutical company to study a pathway associated with one of the adverse effects of an investigational drug for the treatment of a serious neuro-degenerative disorder. Per the terms of the agreement, the name of the biopharmaceutical company and other details of the project are confidential. “We are delighted that our CellPrint™ technology platform will be applied to this important effort. The development of safe and efficacious therapies for neuro-degenerative disorders is among the most important goals of the pharmaceutical industry” said Randolph Floyd, CEO of CellPrint.